Various custom WikiPage widgets created by users at the Virtual Skipper Wiki are created as separate sub-pages below this page.

That list is the content from Special:PrefixIndex/Widget presented inside an embedded WikiPage widget named Widget/UserWidgets
That particular widget produces 3 column output so is not suitable for the Monaco Sidebar but is perfectly fine for sidebar_3 at the widget dashboard. It is only marginally suitable for use in sidebar_4 at the widget dashboard. See also: MediaWiki:Gadget-myLZ/doc

Content from just a handful of Special: pages can be used inside a custom widget.

This article needs a list of the Special: pages that are compatible with these custom widgets.

  1. First create a sub-page here e.g. Widget/UserWidgets
  2. then at that sub-page transclude the special page of interest e.g. {{Special:PrefixIndex/Widget}}
  3. Add a new WikiPage widget to the sidebar or widget dashboard and edit the "Source page" parameter to read :Widget/UserWidgets
    • notice the deliberate : prefix to identify the main namespace. Whenever you create a custom widget you must specify both the namespace and page name.
  4. You can give the widget any title that you wish. When embedded in a page the title bar is not displayed but when you view that same custom widget in your dashboard (or sidebar) your custom title will be displayed.

Failed to load
Note that these custom widgets may or may not exist at other wikis you visit. Even when a user at that remote wiki has created an equivalent custom widget there is a very good chance that a different page name was used for the source page.
  • This is a problem in search of a w:c:central:widget repository for user defined custom widgets to encourage their re-use rather than their duplication.
  • Some additional support within the widget framework to let the WikiPage widget recognize a w:c:central:widget: prefix in the source page parameter would be necessary to enable remote wikis to source from such a central repository.

If your sidebar becomes cluttered with "Failed to load" widget messages then review: MediaWiki:Gadget-myContent/doc and the blog referred to there.