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--> My play ground!


A long time ago I purchased VSK3 and enjoyed racing against AI boats in offline game play. I never participated in online racing.

In December 2008 I came across VSK5Online and have enjoyed online racing with that community of sailors.

I've yet to join any of the organized VSK clubs but have registered at many of their web sites or forums.

In real life I sail catamarans but I no longer race them. I've raced and cruised on Keppel bay and cruised the Whitsunday passage on Queensland's tropical coast and I've done a little sailing on and about San Francisco bay. I enjoyed lot's of lake racing in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia as well as a little coastal sailing in Japan. My longest race was from San Francisco to Kaneohe bay on Oahu. I much prefer skippering my own boat than serving as crew.

In the 6 months I've been exposed to this product I've come across some very helpful and some not so helpful people and so the thought I had for this wiki was for any and all users of the VSK product to share whatever insight you may have for enjoying this game to the fullest.

Fair winds. --> My play ground! |} -->

Wikia related useful links[]

IRC channel
InterWiki Map
Search engine optimiation
All about WidgetTag
Monitor uploaded ZIP files
useful for pre-loading a new page with standard headings and template calls.
see also mw:Extension:InputBox
Used for: Boat page
Planned for: Track/Course page, Club page, Host page
buttonlabel=Create new boat page
Promising idea especially if it interfaces well with the RichText Editor. Currenlty using CreateBox with preload instead.
great place to setup preloads. Uncomment preload options as they are developed.
to add to the Tips gadget.
reminder of the default namespaces and the purpose of each one. Note:
  • Image: is deprecated in favor of File:
  • Media: provide link directly to image/video/audio instead of its description page
Create anchors
use span to create anchors in your article. A template makes this easier.
See also: meta_Help:Anchors
Najevi's SMW notes
Semantic Mediawiki, Semantic Forms and Semantic Drilldown are three extensions that allow data that is intrinsic to wiki pages to be easily used for queries, filters, dynamic list/category generation and elegant form-based page creation that does not forgo the flexibility of template based page layout composition.
Najevi's jQuery notes
jQuery is an object oriented programming approach to javascript. Filtering and manipulating DOM objects is quite intuitive but the syntax was difficult for me to grasp and that was not helped by the difficult to search documentation wiki. A life-saving cheat-sheet language reference is shared here to workaround that particular speed bump.
api.php is documentation about the php API. Was looking into accessing wkvoteart data about how a user has voted on an article page for possible use in SMW queries but nothing useful came of that line of enquiry.
Google docs
Google spreadsheets and more.
Wikinews:Writing an article
Potentially useful as community grows. Could announce club events or real world regattas.
Customization files
CSS and JS files to customize your personal or community wiki experience.
to list sub-pages in specific name spaces. You specify a start page. Great for house keeping.
Cascading order
Cascading Style Sheets order of precedence.
  • Key learning the order of class name sat the element level is not significant but the order of class styles within Common.css is significant.
Is the first page a user sees after creating a new Wikia user name.

Re: Usage of MediaWiki:Shared.js and MediaWiki:Common.js[]

w:c:anime:MediaWiki:Anime-Common.js, and the new one w:c:animanga:MediaWiki:Shared.css is part of a shared repo. Every wiki inside of the sync que share the same repo of js, css, and synced templates.

I'll fix up the variables. However I'm going to reorganize the variables, one of the possible things I was thinking of was also putting localizations on the script itself instead of making every wiki come up with it's own. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jul 1, 2009 @ 03:44 (UTC)


User talk page redirect
#redirect[[w:c:vsk:User talk:Najevi]]
User page redirect
Conditionally add a page to a category
This was essential when modifying the MediaWiki:Welcome-user-page message because MediaWiki messages are not transcluded like templates are so <includeonly> style solutions would not work.
{{#ifeq: {{NAMESPACE}}
       | User
       | [[Category:Members]]