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The VSK5 auto-umpire is designed around ISAF RRS (2005-2008). This wiki's articles are based on ISAF RRS (2009-2012).

From rule 18.2b to rule 23 the numbering of rules at this wiki deviates from VSK5 because of changes made by ISAF. Rather than document a deprecated set of rules at this wiki the decision was made to document only the current rules and to then explain any discrepancy with the game's auto-umpire.

This is a gamble based on the hunch that Nadeo will, someday, patch the game to make the auto-umpire contemporary with current ISAF RRS.

Where a rule is shown in bold font in the first column that is a rule for which the VSK5 auto-umpire is known to issue a penalty. For other rules check the sailing instructions or house rules for a possible kick/ban/blacklist form of penalty.

VSK rule mapping to wiki article
Brief summary
Part 2 - When boats meet
Section A: Right of way
10 Rule 10 Port tack boat shall keep clear of starboard tack boat.
11 Rule 11 Same tack overlapped: windward boat shall keep clear of leeward boat.
12 Rule 12 Same tack: clear astern boat shall keep clear of clear ahead boat.
13 Rule 13 Keep clear while tacking.
Section B: General limitations
14 Rule 14 A boat shall avoid contact with another
15 Rule 15 After acquiring right-of-way: initially give room to keep clear.
16 Rule 16 Right-of-way boat changing course shall give room to keep clear.
17 Rule 17 On same tack and proper course.
17.1 Rule 17 Overlapped: leeward boat shall not sail above her proper course.
17.2 deleted Overlapped: windward boat shall not sail below her proper course.
Section C: At marks and obstructions
18 Rule 18 Giving room and keeping clear at a mark
18.2a Rule 18.2a Outside boat shall give room and keep clear of a right-of-way inside boat.
18.2b Rule 18.2b
Rule 18.2c
Overlapped before the zone - outside boat shall keep clear.
18.2c Rule 18.2b
Rule 18.2c
Not overlapped before the zone - clear astern boat shall keep clear.
18.2d deleted If rule 18 then right-of-way boat exonerated for rule 16.
18.2e Rule 18.2d If doubt about overlap then presume no overlap.
18.2e Rule 18.2e Outside boat unable to give room from first moment of overlap.
18.3 Rule 18.3 Tacking at a mark
18.3a Rule 18.3a Tacking boat shall not prevent fetching boat from fetching the mark.
18.3b Rule 18.3b Tacking boat shall give room if fetching boat becomes inside overlapped.
18.4 Rule 18.4 Inside overlapped right-of-way boat gybing shall not overstand mark.
18.5 Rule 18.1d
Rule 19.1
Room to pass a continuing obstruction.
did not exist Rule 18.5
19 Rule 20
19.1 Rule 20.1 Room to tack at an obstruction.
19.2 Rule 20.3 When not to hail.
Section D: Other rules
20 Rule 21
20.1 Rule 21.1 A boat complying with a 30.1 penalty shall keep clear.
20.2 Rule 21.2 A boat making a penalty turn shall keep clear.
20.3 Rule 21.3 A boat moving astern shall keep clear.
21 Rule 22 Avoid another boat that has run aground.
22 Rule 23 Interfering with another boat.
Part 3 - Conduct of a race
29.1 Rule 29.1 Individual recall. dip below start line is OK
30.1 Rule 30.1 On course side of start line within 60 sec of start signal. (Flag I)
31.1 Rule 31 A boat shall not touch a mark.
31.2 Rule 44.1
Part 4 - Other requirements when racing
44.1 Rule 44.1 Failure to promptly start a penalty turn. (60 sec)
Part 5 - Protests, redress, hearings, misconduct and appeals
Section B: Hearings and decisions
64.1b Rule 64.1c Exonerates a boat that is compelled to break a rule
as a consequence of another boat which first broke a rule
Appendix C - Match racing rules
Section B: Hearings and decisions
C4.1 Rule C4.1 Before preparatory signal remain outside the ends of the start line
C4.2 Rule C4.2 Within 2 minutes of preparatory signal cross and clear start line from course side