For VSK rule 22, see rule 23
22 Capsized, anchored or aground; Rescuing

If possible, a boat shall avoid a boat that is capsized or has not regained control after capsizing, is anchored or aground, or is trying to help a person or vessel in danger. A boat is capsized when her masthead is in the water.

The following VSK5 boats are able to capsize:

  • Tornado, 49er, 18 Foot Skiff, eXtreme 40 (and VX40), Orma

The conditions of this rule that can be satisfied in the VSK game is the boat which has run aground or capsized. However, the auto-umpire does not detect either condition and therefore does not issue a penalty for rule 22. A boat that has run aground or capsized (and is therefore not underway) does qualify as an obstruction so rules from Section C may apply.

You may come across a penalized skipper who complains vigorously about a broached boat having contributed to that penalty. Usually (but not always), a broached boat does not dip it's masthead into the water and therefore does not satisfy the definition of capsized. If it does not qualify as having capsized it cannot qualify as an obstruction either so the best thing a skipper can do about a boat at risk of broaching (or an already broached boat) is to avoid her.