(a) The ISAF RRS, including the Definitions, Race Signals, Introduction, preambles and the rules of relevant appendices, but not titles;

(b) ISAF Regulation 19, Eligibility Code; Regulation 20, Advertising Code; Regulation 21, Anti-Doping Code; and Regulation 22, Sailor Classification Code;
(c) the prescriptions of the national authority, unless they are changed by the sailing instructions in compliance with the national authority’s prescription, if any, to rule 88;
(d) the class rules (for a boat racing under a handicap or rating system, the rules of that system are ‘class rules’);
(e) the notice of race;
(f) the sailing instructions; and

(g) any other documents that govern the event.

But what about the rules for VSK the game?Edit

A common source of argument among VSK users is the discrepancy between ISAF RRS and the auto-umpire. The VSK game provides a penalized skipper with the option to request a cancellation of the last penalty received. Such a mechanism does not exist in real life.

The ISAF RRS has appendices for clarifying the rules for match racing, windsurfing races and even radio controlled sailboat racing. It may be that there will one day be an appendix for VSK racing however until that day comes we have this wiki to facilitate such discussion and perhaps achieve the same result.

Each host may announce certain house rule before the start of a race. Really this is just exercising item (f) from the above list. Those rules are to be adhered to if you do not wish to be kicked or banned from a race server.

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