thumb|300px|right|Prestart Maneuvering Explanation Without a doubt the adrenaline runs high at a racing start. A good start can mean dominating the fleet until the finish while a bad start can mean 20 or 30 minutes of frustrating chase.

Outline bullets
  • The rules are in effect from the pre-start signal
  • Why a close-hauled starboard start is popular
  • Early break away to right hand side of course
  • Handling starboard barging at the committee boat (RH mark) by boats on a close reach
  • Avoiding the rule 16 penalty in a congested start
  • Clear air is your friend
  • Pulling off a port tack start in a predominantly starboard tack fleet
  • When the stream (current) is strong
  • When you cross too early rule 30.1
  • Getting clear to take your penalty turn